I'm Yoni Samlan.

picture of me

I speak about mobile development at events like ,

I'm the Head of Mobile at . We make an awesome location-based game, plus , our mobile payment and loyalty solution.
CNN and Gizmodo seem to like stuff I've worked on.

Millions of people have used web and mobile apps I've developed.

Twitter Sometimes I tweet.

I co-founded and advise , a development consulting shop specializing in Django and Android development.

StudioShare.org brought us in so I could help write the code that powers their groundbreaking photo and audio rental and collaboration software.

I live right outside Boston, MA.

I have a BS in computer science and philosophy from Brandeis University.

You can find me on
StackOverflow and GitHub. Boring professional stuff is on my LinkedIn profile.

You can email me at .

I sporadically post to my tpersonal tumblelog.

I take pictures and put some on flickr.com. These are a few of my latest ones.

I love playing music, whether it's on guitar, ukulele, or fake plastic Rock Band drums. I listen to a lot of it, too. Most of my listening history goes up on last.fm. My last few listens have been .