Yoni Samlan
Yoni Samlan
Engineering & Product — Builder & Leader


I work at Localytics as Principal Software Engineer for Backend & Messaging Systems (and before that, as Director of Product Management). Our SDKs are on billions of devices worldwide. Our systems process billions of events and send millions of messages every day.

I used to be the Head of Mobile at LevelUp, where my team built the Android and iOS apps. The SDKs we wrote are under the hood of hundreds of apps used daily at thousands of merchants around the US. LevelUp was acquired by GrubHub in 2018.

Before that, I was the lead Android developer for SCVNGR, a mobile location-based game that eventually pivoted into LevelUp. Millions of people used it to check in, shared photos, and leave tips at places around their cities.

I co-founded Active Frequency, a web and mobile development consulting shop in Cambridge, MA. I now serve as an advisor.

Over the years I've spoken about mobile, web, and wearable product and development at dozens of events, like Google I/O, MITX, and FITC Mobile.

I have a BS in computer science and philosophy from Brandeis University.

I work in the Boston area and live in Cambridge, MA.

My résumé is available as a webpage or pdf, if you’re into that.

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